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Rules of Thumb for Safe Stretching

  We have all seen this before: a runner stretching behind his car getting ready to hit the track. He stands there with one leg up onto the truck, his knee straight and locked. Then he reached out towards his toes, bounce, hold, bound, hold.  Next, he grabs his calf and pulls himself lower towards […]

Arm Fat Exercises

Exercise Number One– Medicine Ball Pull-Over The Medicine Ball Pull-Over targets your underarms and armpit area. This exercise also works your shoulders, core, and abdominals. Step One– Holding a medicine ball, lie down on a bench or step. Bend your knees 90 degrees and keep your feet flat on the floor. Step Two- Keeping your […]

How to get ride of armpit fat!

Last week after teaching a Barre Burn class, I had a member come up to me and ask me what could be done to get rid of the extra fat she carries in her armpit area. She was referring to the fat on both the chest and back next to her armpits. Most women tend […]